Reviews for "-Cannon Blaster-"


Lol classic graphic this would make my bro angry it's annoying, great game though why don't you make anouther with more stuff?


doont like baddy city cos you die alot

ok i think

well first this game is beatable, I passed the 15 lvls with all the coins and got the iceman? you only need to think well and remember the gravity, somethimes what you think is impossible its the only way.
second, i was really dissapointed, the iceman really doesnt help, since there isnt a difference if you use him or not and to get him you need to pass the game, and after that there isnt a real reason to play the game, since to get lvl 15 you need all the coins
at last, you could make the jetpack so it only uses fuel while you are using it,not falling, but increasing the distance to go, that way it would be a lot more interesting


This sucks lvl 11 if flipin inpossbile

it bad

it is impossible you riged the game noone could of beat the game only if he has hints