Reviews for "-Cannon Blaster-"


you can really see you took the time to perfect the game. the fifficulty is absolutely perfect! you can see its never impossible so you just wanna keep going, i beat the game:D


AWESOME GAME!! reminds me of DK also. lvl 11 was so hard to get coins, the rest was kind of easy. Love the impossible level. Maybe add in more features, better graphics, but overall it was da shit. 10 out of 10!


Simple consept, Hard game
I enjoyed playing it, Level 11 is a real bastard

Just like Donkey Kong.

It was a really fun game and i sure played it a lot,loved the concept of the game and the layout for a lot of the levels was really good,a really addicting fun game. =)

Nice and fun

The difficulty gets rather hard quite quickly but it isn't impossible. The game play is decent but gets repetitve quite quickly. The only major problem I have with the it is the animation. There seems to be a lot more animation on the little dude then the rest of the game. While the cannons are alright the baddies seem a little lazely drawn and the background is dull. I did like the sunshine though. While the game is hardly confusing there could be a tutorial level or an instructions page but I guess the first level acts as this. Good but gets boring rather quickly.