Reviews for "-Cannon Blaster-"

Rargh i cant beat level 11!

This is very much like the good old fashioned Donkey Kong Country games which is nice.. i cant beat level 11 and like yousaid yourself I wish this was pie! nice job on recreating the barrel obstacles from those wonderfull games.. really took me back to the SNES days.

Good game

Good concept, keep on good work.

Greetings from King K. Rool !

Like someone below said, it's definitely inspired by Donkey Kong. Even the Wasps are the same. But the game is fun, works well and worth a look.

Great concept

Was actually a little do hard for me

Loved it.

You nailed it. I really liked the concept, and how the levels worked. The graphics could use some work, but other that I had no problems at all.