Reviews for "-Cannon Blaster-"

This is not donlkey kong...

I quite like this game its about the right length to complete that I'm prepared to play for before I get bored...
Nice little concept just a couple of issues like with level 8 where the bee thing moves up and down with the same rate as the barrell is that really necessary? Just means once your in you have to kill yourself, also with the jet pack you don't carry on moving at the same speed as you were when it dies just minor points really.

Quite a frustrating game didn't bother getting all the coin to unlock the "impossible level" but I'm sure for the hardcore addict the challenge is there ;)
Its about 10-20 mins to complete I would say


DK !!! DONKEY KONG....well done


nicee! remind me donkey kong

Nice Game

Its a smooth, addictive game. I like the design and the music xD
But there is a bug in the game, when you get killed. During that fall (when you are turned red) there is a chance that you grab a jetpack, then the game is stuck :(
Not kewl! Luckly you can restart the game and push the continue button.
Still that bug is very anoying, when you have to restart the game over and over again.

Hope this helps.

Thx you for the nice game!! xD

kinda fun

it was pretty fun but kinda boring, sorry dont mean to be rude. you have great potential dont stop or give up.