Reviews for "-Cannon Blaster-"


that was hard yet fun!

Basic Design

What i can say is the best quality of this flash is its layout features!
1) it uses the mechanic of aiming very well
2)sound, it matches the slowness of the rounds (waiting for barrell to rotate)
3)artwork, basically, we can see what we need to see!!! ^^

CON- we should ALWAYS be able to charge our cannon to produce the speed of the guy shooting out, not just pressing SPACE all the time, it would provide the element of, needing skill, to complete each level.....

Otherwise, these kinds of submissions are kinda old, but hopefully will lead you to more difficult puzzle-type designed flashes, GOOD DAY!

Great Game!

This game is really fun to play and gets addicting fast! It can get very challenging but I think that almost makes this one more fun!


Love this! Makes me wanna play Donkey kong 64 again XD. top ten of the best game ever played!

DK anyone?

It's a nice little simple game to get rid of a few minutes with. Fun enough.

Just, why bees? You might as well make the character a monkey. If the baddies were different it wouldn't have seemed like a rip so much. Shooting from barrels err I mean cannons, over bees has been done.