Reviews for "-Cannon Blaster-"

brings back memories

kinda dull at first, then stays the same. not sure what you can do to change that...maybe add more flare somehow. i dontk now. but like its been said, this will deffinetly remind you of donkey kong from the good old days. good game, not anything wrong with it really. maybe different music, its a bit repetitive but tahts all.


when u get hit and die.. then u fall into a jetpack.. you will stick floting in air (but ur killed so u cant do anything) but apart from this bug thats quite annoying me atm i think its an 8/10 4/5


This is a great tribute to the DK series on SNES, even if it was not intended ^-^
Will there be a sequel, that would be AWESOME! ^-^
Can't find anything you should change ^-^

It was fun but

I enjoyed it a lot more in Donkey Kong Country, this was a nice game but it's just been done before.

reminds me of

donkey kong country lol