Reviews for "-Cannon Blaster-"


but the idea ain't original, this kinda reminded me of donkey kong

Quick Cannon Blaster Review

Graphics: Nothing smashing or original. But nothing horrible to look at either. Slightly crudely drawn models, but the game isn't focused on graphics. So it doesn't detract from the overall enjoyment of the game.

Gameplay: In a move right out of donkey kong country series. It's a barrel blasting challenge, with a few different elements. Again mostly in the vein of the DKC games, even down to the bee enemies. Points off for originality here, but still not a bad time. The idea is a good formula, just needed a bit more added too it.

Challenge: Not incredibly challenging if you've played much DKC while growning up.

Music: The music isn't bad, very atmospheric, and relaxing. And there is a mute function, so good job. The musical score is no Stickerbush Symphony, but not many things are.

Biggest Annoyance: Each time you died and restarted, you saw the level title again. I personally would be less frustrated if you only displayed it once, and not every time the player dies.

Best Part: The musical score the first few times, and the clouds blocking barrels was a nice touch.


I agree to MadMetz about the jetpack thing and there's something else about the jetpack and timing your shots, it's tricky to time your shots and once you start using the jetpack, you start to fall faster. There is one level that seemed impossible to beat with the jetpack. And I barly pass the last level, because the jetpack is also tricky to use.


The game told me I had collected all coins on some levels when I could blatently see I hadn't. I found the jetpack times very short also.


It was okay. Kind of reminds me of Donkey Kong Country.