Reviews for "-Cannon Blaster-"


this is an awesome game even though its like donkey kong but i'd rather shoot a guy ou tof a cannon than some retarded monkey
keep up the great work


Its was fun to play and beat and when I beat the game the secret character is like a ice climber

there's a bug in 'baddie city'

same problem with speighticus here. also, bombs falling down in gravity shlfted levels doesn't make sense, shouldn't they fall up?

I hit a snag....

On the level "Baddie City" i hit a bomb, fell to the top [due to the gravity shift] but landed on the jetpack...my dead body just floated there with me unable to do anything...anyway it is a good game, very fun! Just sort that bug out :P

Who Steals Crap You Do Designer

i am so sorry to give this a 4 it just doesn't pleasure me and the idea is ripped of donkeykong for the gameboy color and that actually shows the level of this gamei don't care if someone says its useless maybe it is maybe not but this is just not cool i if copied ideas actually may be published i'm gonna ask it