Reviews for "-Cannon Blaster-"


Great time waster. I completed the whole thing, fun and easy, yet challenging.

Dot Dot Dot

There really isnt much to say about the game...as well adding physics only makes the game wierd we come here to escape reality not have it pushed into our faces.

great for wasting time

a fun little way to waste time the jetpack made a little lag wen u used it but other then that it was a fine game

Ok, but...

There was a glitch in "Baddie City", after i was hit by the bomb, i was "dead" and flew upwards... until i took the jetpack and got stuck there... rofl


Pros: Reminds me of Donkey Kong.... And the idea is orriginal. And the jetpack adds a little flavor to the game.

Cons: Lets be real. This game is not a hit...... The graphics are horrible and the sound track is boring . And bumble bees....no? Im just not buying the concept. And why the fuck is this little man shooting thru the sky in barrels dodging bees?? Theres no story. And to top it off, its way to easy. You can beat it in like 15 mins...

You should add a small story to it, or at least give it a reason to play. Even name the characters. And add more ideas. Like the jetpack is pretty neat.