Reviews for "Piano Bar"

Amazing little game!

This is actually much more fun and relaxing than most "Guitar hero" a-like games.

This is smooth and calm. Love it! Graphics are all right, but it's a little too easy... if you know your keys ;)

Keep up the good work!


Source: FBI

RomanAge responds:

Thank you for your score, and your points are really good to hear.

So FUN!!!

I loved this game, i was playin in class and everyone else started playing. Very fun!

RomanAge responds:

As much as I think the game is good, too much Phil Collins must be a real headache!

Amazingly Addicting

What an awesome game. The controls take a little bit of getting used to, but once you know them, it's alot of fun!
The only thing more I could wish for, is that the songs weren't in the same order everytime. I'd like them to be random, or have an option where you can choose which song you'd like to play.
That doesn't stop you from getting a 10 though! Great job!

RomanAge responds:

Thanks for the review, I hear your points, glad you like it


that was fun ! even though i wasnt too good lol but this gets a 10!

love it

simply. its really nice the way its arranged

RomanAge responds:

Thank you, they are simple arrangements, somewhat restricted, glad you like it.