Reviews for "The Last Stand 2"

quality still holds up im impressed

Absolutely amazing. Personally i think the first one sucked ass but this is a masterpiece

On every playthrough my guy suddenly stops shooting (although there is still ammo in the clip and I'm clicking), that's not fun.

I feel stupid for not being able to beat this after trying for 3 times and counting, fun game nonetheless. I don't like how survivors can die, well I mean it is realistic, so what I really mean is I don't like how they die, so zombies holding weapons? I'd say it's a weird feature. But if taking out the feature was out of the question, I'd say at least make them magically come back to life like we do because when my survivors die, it's an automatic restart since I can't get any further without them.

Also seems a bit luck based doesn't it? I don't really like luck based games since it takes the fun out of the game

love this entire last stand series..hoping for new last stand game beside dead zone.