Reviews for "The Last Stand 2"

Best Zombie Game Ever!

Dude that was the best zombie shooter I've ever played! Keep it up, I'll be expecting more awesome stuff from you.


Great game once again, but still a little hard.

Oh well I guess I'm just bad. But this game is amazing. Even though the enemies get a little bit boring AND frustrating after a while (especially those damned runners), I really love how you improved the "day time research" methods. Not having to spend points in "Looking for survivors" is a really fun thing. I also like how the environment changes depending on your location. A really good game it takes a while to get tired of.

Good job!

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That is the best defense game I have ever played. I think it was still a bit too easy though, but it made up with the inclusion of extra features.


even better than the first.

Wow... great zombie-killin' game [721]

Absolutely fantastic atmosphere and decent gameplay. It didn't even lag that badly on my 2-year old laptop (though at times, when a lot of zombies came onscreen at once, especially late in any given night, there would be a lag of a few seconds between getting shots off on my .357 magnum.

Love the dark low-gamma visuals, the concept of using survivors you find as backup gunners, and the whole "searching houses and stores and other buildings during the days between the nights of ZOMBEH KILLIN'"... awesome plotting, awesome concept, great execution (PUN INTENDED).

I woulda loved it if you'd left the low/medium/high quality right-click options in the right click menu. I know you put the quality change in the options menu, but sometimes we laggin' users don't think to lower it until the game lags, and by that time it was too late for me, since I couldn't see any quality toggle mid-game, and since, again... the right-click menu didn't have those options (I understand disabling play/back/forwards/etc. for a game... but I wish more authors would leave the quality options if nothing else).