Reviews for "Defend Your Mom 2!"


i played for 23mins and good work

Kart-Man responds:

Wow, 23 minutes?!? Thank you very much! ^.^

i like it

wakin ppl wth a bat

Mothers Day ?

Lol we had our Mothers Day about 2 month ago , nice flash btw :P


great work. i enjoyed this

Kart-Man responds:


Hey, this is pretty good!

Y'know, I liked this one. It was pretty fun for a bit, but admittedly, it got a bit repetitive. Using the Katana, you could basically hit anything that got near you without fear for a while. However, when I wasn't using that, it gave a pretty good challenge and I liked it quite a bit.

Kart-Man responds:

Alright, thanks for reviewing!