Reviews for "Defend Your Mom 2!"

could of been better

Game could be way better if there where more weapon choices..but it geats WAy to Repetitive after only a minute or so.....


It was pretty good, much better than all the other i've seen to be reviewing :P.

Could get a bit same old same old sometimes.


Mothers Day ?

Lol we had our Mothers Day about 2 month ago , nice flash btw :P


Good music, fast paced, funny concept - I'd never even heard of the first one though. Nice simple graphics yet completely adequate for the game :D

Now, the negatives:
As previous reviews have said, gets a bit boring / monotonous - make a Defend your Mom 3 and add some extra stuff next time round like powerups, mom super mode, etc.
Also: Why does the katana take three hits or so when the baseball bat whops em down in one?

Sometimes I managed to get the same guy to do the animation for his death two or three times.

It's good but..

Kinda monotonous , did i spell that right ???

It's a good game and the general idea was good but the graphics and the animations didn't were that good

Kart-Man responds:

I was planning to add loads of things to this one, like a section where your mom enters the stores themselves, and you have to defend her while he roams the shops and purchases stuff with the money you've saved and took from defeated enemies. I even dreamed up a part where she enters the Chinese dim sum restaurant in the game, and you have to protect her while she's eating. In the end, I didn't have enough time, I'm afraid.

But thanks for the review!