Reviews for "Skittles N' Dickz"

!! 00==========D<3 in ya face

damn u !!! this was great ! ANALITY !!
Cockashi fuck this soooooooooo awesome :3

Emanhattan responds:

hahah lol thanks

VERY good subbmission make a sequel

OMG EPIC battle with ryu and akuma made me laugh alot lol

Emanhattan responds:

Ultramoron (the animator of that part) cant respond reviews right now but I bet he is very happy to hear that


I can't believe how hilarious this is, SEQUEL! SEQUEL! SEQUEL!!!!


BOOM HEADSHOT. That is an instant win.
A loverly little collection of shorts. Guaranteed to please everyone, unless they just suck.

Keep 'em coming.

Skit humor is hard to do...

Skit humor is hard to do because it's hard to keep all the jokes funny. For the most, you nailed this. Solid pacing. Diversity, for the most part, in the humor.