Reviews for "Skittles N' Dickz"

lol....i love you guys.

i just love it...


Ok, SOME of the jokes were funny, like the michael jackson thing for instance... most of them however, are either really crap and/or really predictable like the "I need a bigger cane" joke. I mean, come on, we all knew what was gonna happen next... -.- I will give you some credit, though, for the few jokes that were funny.

Emanhattan responds:

The cane thing was obvious. I wanted it to be so obvious that everyone would expect such a success.



I was amused at a couple of the shorts in this flash (The Ness and Luigi skit was the best) but the humour was on and off really. Some were really funny, some were just stupid. Still, you amused me with a sprite movie which is a rare thing these days. =P Just try and up your game a little.

That was'nt good.

That wasn't funny; it was lame. How could you compare sexual video-game parodies to South Park? Really, it could have been funny, but it wasn't. This is Middle School humor; it's like you just found out what sex is and added Itchy and Scratchy.

Emanhattan responds:

what are you talking about?


very good but need to fix the loudness of the changing channels