Reviews for "Skittles N' Dickz"

Better than the original!

While I was a fan of the original series, I really think that this is funnier than any of the episodes they made. From the title, I was really thinking that this was going to be something low class, like a spam flash. It was in fact a great parody of parodies in themselves! As the site itself acknowledges, we probably do have too many c*ck jokes. Everything is just so fast paced in its own absurdity. Regarding the Naruto sketch, I really was wondering if Naruto himself would ever be in danger like that.


this is possibly the best flash I've ever seen lmao

the best 1

hahaha this is funny u rock man


That was mind numbingly mind numbing and for some reason it made me hungry for doughnuts. omo :P Nice parody, I actually found this more enjoyable than some of the Skittles and Bitz (which i think are too short :<)

Anyway off to get a doughnut now. Nice job :D

That was a mouth full of laughs..and dickz

I enjoyed the sprite movie & favored it

Congratulations on daily 1st guys