Reviews for "Skittles N' Dickz"

its ok

its ok, i guessed i laughed at a few scenes, but the quality is too low so i couldnt stand watching the whole thing, and the fuzzy noise was too unbearable. it was ok. good job

Emanhattan responds:

low quality? what are you talking about?


I loved this movie but it needs more dickz.

I really liked the ending with the duck getting his cock bitten

Emanhattan responds:

true story


Quality animations, funny jokes, PERFECT timing. Really, what more can I say? The only recommendation I have is to keep making flash, as your stuff is great! Thanks for the great submit!

Emanhattan responds:

thanks yo

!! 00==========D<3 in ya face

damn u !!! this was great ! ANALITY !!
Cockashi fuck this soooooooooo awesome :3

Emanhattan responds:

hahah lol thanks