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Reviews for "Banishment Part 1 (Beta)"


can't wait until the next one. You could make this into a hour-long movie if you really wanted!

Your work is nice

I gotta say, i doubted you at the begining of the whole entire bit, but as you said, you got better at not only your flashes, but your script too. I think though Banishment hold the greatest potential for a story that will become epic in Newgrounds.

segaplaya responds:

thanks i apreciate it


when will it be finished?

segaplaya responds:

ive been so busy so i aplogise. ive had my birthday , mgs4 and smash brawl, and a girlfriend so ive been occupied. please be patient. i will let u all know when its done. you patient people

WOW that was cool

the intro reminded me of some anime but im not sure which one.
i hope the next one comes out soon

segaplaya responds:

it will soon


It wqas awesome. all of it was so intense. I hope part 2 comes out soon