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Reviews for "The Torture Game 2"

awesome =]

i rather enjoyed this =]
i think a larger play area would be good
but thats all i can think of improvement wise atm

well done

Holy FUCK!

Damn this is a fuckin freakshow xD damn you must be realy amusing about stuff like this xD mabye you were ill in the head ^^ I can only give you the Advise: please go to a Doctor and check it :D

This Game Is Brilliant

I Really Enjoyed This Well Loads Freedom And FUn Murking Man
Imagine SUm One U Hate And Kill Them Lol

thats so fun

yet so evil. I really like it the only thing i think it needs is more tortue devices

oh hell..

Oh my god... well, it looks very good and professional and one has a lot of freedom
it looks realistic -
but man, this is COMPLETELY sick. i wouldn't name the puppet after my worst enemy. i don't know if it is supposed to be funny or .. well, i LIKE black humor, but there are limits, and certainly beneath your game
anyway, very well done