Reviews for "Rhythm Heaven Medley"


dude make more of these for different games like maybe mario kart or zelda! this is great man nice work!

GenoWhirled responds:

I tend to avoid making generic kinds of things, if I can help it. There are probably a hundred different Mario and Zelda medlies floating around the Internet, but I highly doubt there was ever a rhythm heaven medley before this one. I appreciate the thought, though.

This is amazing!

Im a big fan of that game, and the new rhythm came out on wii and I dont have a wii...
Amazing dude I like this song!

Nice melody! Now, can I use this for GD?

I'm feeling like i'm gonna do a "Rhythm Heaven Fever" Level on GD

(Lovinggd749 says)
That was great! Really great!

You got a medal!