Reviews for "Rhythm Heaven Medley"

(Lovinggd749 says)
That was great! Really great!

You got a medal!

I'm feeling like i'm gonna do a "Rhythm Heaven Fever" Level on GD

(Flowercat07 Says:)

That Could have been Better...

Try again

Nice melody! Now, can I use this for GD?

Wow, this is definitley the best song you've ever worked on. I had no idea whatsoever that there were different songs in this. Maybe that's a bad thing? It's just that everything flowed so perfectly together. You get such a wonderful happy feeling from this. I am glad to have reviewed your works. I can see why Sqeezy considers this to be the best audio submission ever.

You might not know that much about him, but he's very talented. There is true grace in everything about this. You get a wonderful sense of adventure here. I don't know it's ultimate purpose, but it's really cool. It's something that could apply to every scenario. Thank you for all your hard work!

GenoWhirled responds:

I really appreciate your input! I feel like it's definitely one of my best due to how much content it has, and I'm glad other people feel the same.