Reviews for "Rhythm Heaven Medley"

It's a shame this hasn't been used anywhere yet. Seriously man you are my hero for being literally the only person to create fan-made content for this game. Makes me want to give you credit in some way. I gotta use it for something that's worth it's glory.

GenoWhirled responds:

It's always great to see other people on the Internet who appreciate this series' music as much as I do. It's unfortunately very overlooked, but at least with the release of Rhythm Heaven Wii, the series seems to be finding its way into the public eye ever so gradually, and that's good. Thanks for the review!

This is well a well made Medley!

Yeah so this medley is really well done. i wish the order were just different here and there. but all-in-all,very,very well done.
Rhythm Paradise is one of those games that make the DS so great and you captured its essence and gave it a little more oomph.
in particulair the ending is great :')

This is awesome!

I have no idea what Rhythm Heaven is but this song is absolutely fantastic! I can't stop listening to it :D thanks for making this! Favourited <3

GenoWhirled responds:

It's a crazy addictive rhythm game for the Nintendo DS. Like I said in the author comments, you can pick it up just about anywhere for really cheap, so it's worth a shot, especially with Christmas right around the corner!

This is amazing!

Im a big fan of that game, and the new rhythm came out on wii and I dont have a wii...
Amazing dude I like this song!


dude make more of these for different games like maybe mario kart or zelda! this is great man nice work!

GenoWhirled responds:

I tend to avoid making generic kinds of things, if I can help it. There are probably a hundred different Mario and Zelda medlies floating around the Internet, but I highly doubt there was ever a rhythm heaven medley before this one. I appreciate the thought, though.