Reviews for "The Chicken Rodeo"


Amazing. Still managed to captivate me without need for action or humour. And the music use was brilliant too. Really felt like a professional production. Enter it in many animation competitions, it's so good.

The falling of the coffee cup on the floor at the start was a bit too slow, and the walking looked a bit odd. But they're two minor setbacks in a magnificent sunbmission.

Keep it up.


the animation was outstanding!, plus, i'm the one who rasied your score to 4.00 lol XD

This is great!!! only one question...

...what did the chicken have to do with it?

The guy under me is a moron

This is an excellent piece that paints itself. I saw this a while back and loved it and saw it again and still loved it. I did think that some of the animations could have been a bit faster in some parts, but the story was great :). Anyone who has half a brain should be able to see that.

Well done and want to see more from you, silent acting or sound. You can tell a story!

Ok this is weird...

Did you submit this twice, because I remember watching this like last year... this is very very weird. Please, maybe someone else could answer this question...