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Reviews for "B7 - Frosted Underwear"


So i basically spent the entire song waiting for some kind of guitar to come in. Then the song ended and I realized I had spent the entire song waiting for a guitar and didn't really pay attention to anything else, so I had to listen to it again. You got 2 listens for the price of 1.

I apologize if there actually was a guitar in there. Sometimes my ears filter out electronic instruments.

On a serious note, though, I pretty much loved this song. Its got a lot of variety, and like you said, it kinda sounds like two completely different songs merged into one. I loved the drum beats you had going along with the trippy melodies and stuff, but there was something lacking. Nothing composition-wise, I think it was in the mixing/mastering. It just didn't explode with power in a lot of parts where it seemed like it should have. You know what I'm saying? It just needs that little edge and to be a little more crisp sounding! Given that, I really could have gotten my head banging. Even though I did that anyway. Because the song rocks. Butter goes on bread. Grapes fly. Lemon sauce.

Nice work you son of a gun!


Another wonderful song by Burn7 :)

Burn7 responds:

Hey, I try and keep a standard of awesome at all times. Sure, I kind of jump around that standard occasionally. But for the most part if I don't like a song then it won't make it up on NG.


I thought it blended well. While it had the "two distinct sections," I think they should be together because it sounds really cool. I liked the build-up too, after that it continues to sound awesome, but I don't expect anything else from you, cause it's all amazing stuff :D.

Burn7 responds:

Haha, well thanks man. I'm glad you like even my weirder less amazing things :D


I like this song it was very good but I found that maybe some stuff could be improved like maybe trying to set the mood in the theme. The song overall was okay except trying to figure out what the theme was.

Burn7 responds:

I agree, thanks for the honesty :)

There really isn't a theme to it or anything, but if you play the game it's in then you'll understand.

It's good man

I mean, it's not exactly 100% in most aspects (some stuff loops once too many times for me) but nothing is bad enough to warrant taking away a sticker for you.

The song in all regards I can't fault for what it's meant for: a game which requires a tune like this. So in all regards I'll just leave it at that because I can't say much else on it so good work and keep it up!

Burn7 responds:

Yeah, like I said in the Author Comments, I really dislike it the way it is now. Just because I've had to do SO much to it in order to get it to loop. I'm glad you think I salvaged a decent song out of this melodic mess though :)