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Reviews for "==(Then Everything Fell)="

Super chill c:

I love your chord choices and your solo voicing. It's got such a nice, light feel. The acoustic guitars add such a great layer. Everything in the background adds up to a full, beautiful track

Thank you sir C:


Feel chill, makes me want to blaze and do nothing....oh wait I'm doing that now! ha! Good shit dude! If you got a chance check out my newest track Sky Guardian 2.0. Again very chill stuff dude!


mega cool

drums are a bit floppy and weak imo but there's so much psychadelic awesome. also noticed a pretty loud and overbearing F ringing over the Ab chord in the chorus. i'd guess it's coming from the wah wah; a little notch at 690Hz should reign it in (i just checked the frequency and everything and it might not even be a big deal ugh what am i doing aaaaaaaaaaa)

y'know this would probably sound amazing with some hip-hop style breakbeats and deft scratching. i'm still really enjoying the laid-back stoner vibe though!

I think I fell

Very nice piece, jealous of how you seem to be able to make all genres :P Good luck in the NGADM sir.