Reviews for "Bad Baby"

You make...

Dr. Seuss look straight edge. And that nut was on crack each time he wrote a book.

Is it wrong that I fapd from start to finish?

This Reminds Me Of Something...

Everyone I know who has ever tried acid and then described to me what it is like ends up saying something like this. This is the freakiest 1960's psychedelic comix to ever be animated. I dream in color and have weird abstract dreams to boot, but man have you ever gone out there with this one. To prospective viewers, all I can say is sit back, don't relax as this might be freaky and disturbing, and keep an open mind to the two minutes of visual cornucopia you are about to experience.

Holy f-ck

i think i
A- sh-t myself
B- Going to have nightmares for the rest of my f-cking life.... 0.o


I didn't understand a thing...but I gave 10 for the animation. and gore.


that was the worst and the sickest clip ive ever saw.