Reviews for "Bad Baby"

What the Heck was that

That was completely freaky... Were you on an acid trip when you made this? I would like to know what you were thinking... i mean come on cutting a baby in half...killing a woman with a rocket that looked like a penis.

I feel the walls of my brain melting

I feel the walls of my brain melting when I watch this. I mean, the preloader enough was strange enough, but then you got those dancing... things... under the Yalp button. This entire thing... it's just a bloody nightmare full of laughter and decapitation. Like most of your other work, it's random and criminally insane, but likable. A strange combination, but it works. Keep up the acid trip animations, you colorful person you!

You're just the worest kide of porsen....

WTF was that?!!!??!?!?
It's just fucking horrible!!! But between you and me....it's awesome......
The animation is great the music is just sick..... If I'd ever animate, this kinda shit is
just what I'm gonna do first!!!
Great job!!!


Hmmm, you made an awfully creepy flash (in agood way,lol) , by the way, where'd you get this idea of "killing babies"?

P.S. This was way more than having a punished baby (you know, creepy sounds, gush coming out of people for no reason)

My head hurts

Well I drank enough coffee not to have nightmares (hence my username) but it still doesn't really make a lot of sense.

I'm not much into this crazy abstract creepy stuff but it's obvious you put a lot of work into it.