Reviews for "Bad Baby"

to be honest

andim not trying to be offensive but that was creepy


Nice animation... definately an interesting idea for this flash. In animation and creativity you have a 10 but... that made me seriously motion sick and the content was a bit random.

Great Creativity... I'm going to go lay down and barf into my trash bin.

Um... nice trip?

Um good animation but damn... what are you taking and why arent you sharing?

Great Job!

That really did put a smile on my face. That was totally original and very funny. The animation was fantastic! Very well done piece of work. I not insane and I do not believe you are either. The only thing I would add would be a mute button on the play button scene, the sound was distracting when the movie was minimized and not being watched. Other than that, it was AMAZING!


No doubt you can animate so you get a 10 for that BUT im taking 5 stars because WTF was that. It was like tripping acid with out the drugs. IF that is a manifestation of your personality then you Sir have a Sick mind and need help