Reviews for "Bad Baby"


dude i can trip out on this thing for years....hu cares what anyone else says....its your creative thinking and insanity but it comes all together in a master piece do another...

Ummm? I can't describe this...

I have read some of the reviews on this page... before I watched your "movie"
I was really scared...
I almost pissed my pants...
Animation: 5/5
creepiness -5/-9 (no offense)
Humor: 1/5
I really don't find this animation... useful. The animation was GREAT. I just wish it would be innocent people getting hit by missiles that are filled with bacteria...
If you would actually use your time and talent to make a useful, funny and great animation that isn't gory and doesn't have a sun wearing a gas mask... I, and probably everyone else, would give you a 10/10
Hope my advice helps you -Xav :)

Holy crap, that was insane!

The animation and colors were incredible, but I can't help but wonder if you were on something.

You can tell ol' Clocky. What were you smoking?

I want some. :(


Oh my god i was tripping throughout the whole video and i must say that if you dont smile or laugh while watching this you have some serious issues!
It was well put together and had wicked animation!
And i agree that PCP wouldn't bee a good drug choice while watching this lol


Absolutely insane

but dude i advise to add another thing to your PS. warning

WARNING: Not suitable for people on acid, may cause bad trip.