Reviews for "Bad Baby"

Um, that was a waste of time...

That was sum s h i t! I guess I'm just not feeling the whole crazy azz demented sick s h i t right now.but imma give you your props on creativity I gues...


ok this has to be the stupidist flash ive ever sene ok it sucked


Someone more insane than I am!, That was one of the most fucked up things I have ever seen, and I loved it. The music causes the psychotic levels to constantly rise, it matched up more or less perfectly with what I can only described as disturbed images.This is an awesome peice of work and I can only say it makes me respect you but I wouldn't like to meet you at night. Good work. I enjoyed it and I'm still smiling even now. If I'm ever in a place even half as bizarre as this I will remember your work fondly.

Hoohohoo my!

This flash was beautiful. It made my eyes cry rainbowssssss.

A few words...

Bad acid trip...

10 for creativity