Reviews for "Revenge Was My Name"


nothing short of epic,

revenge was your name ...

... Now it's awesomeness !!!! ;D

Tu fait du beau boulot, n't'arrĂȘte pas en si beau chemin !


This song is amazing!!!! The whole song is great!!! I do think it should have vocals, but thats my opinion. Overall it's awesome!!!!!


nice i loved the beginning and this is going onto my favorites

BERSERKYD responds:

Rock On ! I appreciate it ! Thanks !

No review? What the hell?

Awesome song! It sure reaches the punk rock spirit in my throat through my ass
I just don't like the short "neo punk emo crap" part at 1:04 haha
Amazing composition dude
Malade :D

BERSERKYD responds:

hahaha thats fucl#$#@ appreciate man ! I wish it could be perfect for everyone but ya know... at least it prenatrate you well XD !! Thanks a lot Dude !