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Reviews for "30 sec. Spot"

Very good..

I really enjoyed that spot, I didnt expect it to be good at first and it surprised me. Excellent job. The "sound in a large empty room" effect caused the song to have a very interesting feel that it otherwise wouldnt have had.

No1r responds:

Thanks for the (good) feedback Jim! I very appreciate it.


Audio / No1r

Thanks for your vote, Viewtiful-Masta! You voted 5 for 30 sec. Spot, raising its score from 4.50 to 4.67.

OH MAN! Why didn't you make a full lenght version of this man! Dawm man! I loved that ambient feel to it man! It was freakin V man! That atmosphere backround was so V man!
MAN you should rly make a full length version of this man! Why don't you man I love this alot man! Well since i know you don't know me man I have one thing to say and that's...

Keep it V man!


No1r responds:

Hey Masta thanks for your vote and for your review! It absolutely makes me feel better :) Well i wrote this 30 seconds of music especially for a video spot created by a friend of mine..I don't know if i still have the project..

* runs on FL icon * :)


this is an amazing track, i like the chord changes and just the whole vibe
btw, i would def. be interested in collaberating w/ you... right now im working on kinda an asian influence rock peace. get back to me or email me


Another good sounding track, I am loving your style no1r :3 this track has a feeling with a sort of desperation... i like it!

No1r responds:

Well, thank you again MrEotter! This track is my interpretation, for real, of a little video spot made by a friend of mine in flash..or something like that. That inspired me. Thanks goes Adriano Di Ricco, very talented gfx artist.


That was super awesome! OMG i have never heard a loop that good! totally awesome. this is better than some of ParagonX9"s songs.

No1r responds:

Eheheh Thank you dude!