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Reviews for "Twist 2"

Very Entertaining

thought this was a great game, and i don't think its too hard like the others say. Than again i got #1 in the high scores when i played... so maybe i'm just talented at multi-tasking? anywho good game, thought it was original and liked the switch ups and such. 5/5 10/10

Wow, 3rd place?

Great game, though I confess, I found it rather easy, botched up when I got a control switcher and tried a new method. Still, got 3rd on the high scores. An excellent concept, multi tasking, as well as the idea of Yin Yang. Very well excecuted too. I congratulate you.

fucking intense

the music definetly was a great choice.

also, mad intense shit. I thought it was great... but, after reading some otehr reviews, i see otehrs disagreed


an amazing game if you have ALOT of free time on your hands...but if you didnt nobody would be on this website....oh well...GREAT GAME!!!!!!! I <3 IT!!!!!!!!!!!

1337 points