Reviews for "Sky Guardian 2.0-Metaljon"

freaking awesome

i love how the first part mixes with the chorus great job on this i love the mastering so what ever more you need to do do very little it is perfect. btw you mind giving me any insight on my piano piece called melody of the simple things? it would be greatly appreciated. man do i love the melody!!!

JonSantiago responds:

Thanks dude! I like the mastering program I am using but I need to boost the leads up a little more so they stand out in the mix and does'nt get drowned out in the wall of sound. When It is finished I'll be sure to reuploaded it and let you know! Thanks for listening!

Nice remix brah.

Truth be told, i like the first version better, but this one really brings some awesome melodies to the table. it sounds alot more structured and melodic. is the band going to use this version from now on? great work, bro. keep it up man!

JonSantiago responds:

The first version is alright this version is my fav now! I don't know if the band wants to do this or not....we'll see.


Thanks for the PM about this bro. It sounds so much better than the first one but I love them both the same. I like how you added the melodic parts to the first verse, which is something that I thought was missing from the original. This version seems a bit darker than the first and I like that. Anyway fantastic job and keep it up bro.

p.s. I was wondering if I can use this and some others in a thing I plan on doing. I'll be sure to credit you. Thanks in advance.

JonSantiago responds:

Ya man no prob! I thought the people who reviewed the first one should listen to the newer version. This one seems darker? sweet lol thanks for the review! Pm me about what you want to use this song and others for.


Jesus Christ - I thought the original was unbeatable, but damn, you've outdone yourself again! Especially that fast part around 3:06 - the harmonized version sounds much better IMO.

Quick Q - I remember reading a while back that you were gonna release a CD of your solo stuff. Did that ever get out of the planning stages? (Because I would so buy it... lol)

JonSantiago responds:

Thanks dude! The solo might happen but we'll see in the mean time my band has a 5 song ep for sale! :)


I love both versions of Sky Guardian.. I really do. This one makes me want to go on a road trip, and I tend to play in on convoys.

Dammit Jon, I really can't wait to get back from deployment and see you guys perform! YouTube just doesn't cut it... it only makes me wishing I could see more artists rockin out!

If you guys ever play in Austin, I think my brain would explode...

JonSantiago responds:

Thanks man! I will give you moar!!! when I get my bass back lol shoot me a message when youre back in the states dude. We've played austin already so we just need to play everyelse now lol Thanks for listening as always! \m/