Reviews for "Sky Guardian 2.0-Metaljon"

gotta say you nailed this one:D its melodic heavy loud and metal \m/ everything that should be there is there. seems that instrumental songs is your thing and i sugest that keep on doing them mainly because youre good at it^^ all in all nice song

JonSantiago responds:



I love both versions of Sky Guardian.. I really do. This one makes me want to go on a road trip, and I tend to play in on convoys.

Dammit Jon, I really can't wait to get back from deployment and see you guys perform! YouTube just doesn't cut it... it only makes me wishing I could see more artists rockin out!

If you guys ever play in Austin, I think my brain would explode...

JonSantiago responds:

Thanks man! I will give you moar!!! when I get my bass back lol shoot me a message when youre back in the states dude. We've played austin already so we just need to play everyelse now lol Thanks for listening as always! \m/


awh yeah man!

It is so sweet to hear a 7-string! Cant resist, i swear the way ts built differently affects the sound that tiny amount that always add a bit of "heavy". I could definitely hear it in this track.

And Bb? Dude...brutal! (those licks at 2:18 had me crying sunshine)

Always fascinating listening to youre guitaring. Something to keep my ears on their toes! (body part humour isnt funny)

Keep it up!

JonSantiago responds:

Thanks dude! I love my 7 string and my 6 but the low B just adds more dynamics to it! Thanks for listening dude!

ou jeah!

THATS HOW YOU ROCK! dude never stop doing music, you have great future in your hands!

JonSantiago responds:

Thanks! be sure to check out my other tracks!


this is just awesome, i'm going to favourate it and rate 5/5, nice riffs and melodic stuff, sounds sorta like bfmv

JonSantiago responds:

Thanks dude! BFMV sucks btw