Reviews for "Sky Guardian 2.0-Metaljon"

Sweet melodies

I love the harmonies, and the riffy/pretty 6/8 is such a great feel, and the later riffage is intense. The leads are fucking sick as usual, specially round the end. damn you can play.

I might bring up the bass and rhythm guitars a teensy itty bitty more to punch with the kick drum, but the mix is still super sexy.

3:16 solo is ridiculous, fuuuck.

Thank you MJ

JonSantiago responds:

kor!!! ya this whole song is 6/8 I love that time sig. I'll be sure to bring up the rhythm guitars and bass a bit thanks for the tip! I need it!

crazy in the head

I thoroughly enjoyed the song. The big furry stereo riff leading into the main part was sweet as shit. There weren't any other such production-wise mindblowing moments unfortunately but your playing is wonderful all the way through the tune

JonSantiago responds:

Hey thanks for the quick review! ya I love the intro, but this song does'nt require a whole lot of mindblowing production moments imo. I'm glad you dug it thanks for listening!


Thanks for the PM about this bro. It sounds so much better than the first one but I love them both the same. I like how you added the melodic parts to the first verse, which is something that I thought was missing from the original. This version seems a bit darker than the first and I like that. Anyway fantastic job and keep it up bro.

p.s. I was wondering if I can use this and some others in a thing I plan on doing. I'll be sure to credit you. Thanks in advance.

JonSantiago responds:

Ya man no prob! I thought the people who reviewed the first one should listen to the newer version. This one seems darker? sweet lol thanks for the review! Pm me about what you want to use this song and others for.

Wow man...

It's always depressing to hear you play man... U r to fuckin good!!!! I wish i had the time to practice more, and be able to kick ur ass some day :D...
This is by far for me your best song. Oh man, the mix... and the masterig.... they are so awesooome!
Im tyred to be ur bitch man.... T_T


JonSantiago responds:

haha don't say that! I'm glad you like it dude! Practicing for a few minutes is still practice dude! Thanks for listening and I really want to mix your song "I'm yours" hit me up!

Holy S***

Why does this sound so amazing?! The mix is like PERFECT! Sounds so professional.....
Definitely something thats going on my IPod!

JonSantiago responds:

Thanks dude! I've been working pretty hard on my mix and still got alot too learn!