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Reviews for "Dropple"


By all intents and purposes this looks good on paper. However, you broke the cardinal rule of gaming; difficult controls doesn't make a challenge, rather it makes tedium.
The graphics are perfectly fine, the concept is fun yet simple, and the controls are the only thing this game has that's original.

This is why the game gets a 4 and not a 6 or 7 which I would give it were the controls better. I see what you were trying to do, making the controls not super fluid so the game isn't just a walk in the park, but the build-up of inertia is spontaneous, rather than logically gradual. We're all humans, and we've all lived with basic physics influencing us, so it's kind've hard to break the notion

That's just part 1 of the controls, the 2nd part is that it's stiff. By stiff, I mean it's like my keyboard is dipped in syrup during gameplay. There's a slight delay between push and action, then the lack of gradual speed buildup, it all just adds to make this below mediocrity.

Maybe next time,


Made it to level 50!!!!!! Best game Ive played in a long time. I demand you to make a sequel. The controls are difficult, but thats what makes them fun. And once you get a hang of it you can use the inertia to help you.

Well made, but annoying

This game is very well made, there's no doubt about that. But the ball is so difficult to control that the game kind of makes you want to shoot yourself. I also don't like how, when you land the ball on the edge of a platform, it sends the ball zipping off in a diagonal direction. Sometimes it doesn't even make sense, such as when two platforms are adjacent and you land on the line where they meet.

Maybe for the right kind of player this game is what they've been looking for, but for me there is a difference between a game that is difficult and a game that is frustrating. This game is the latter.

level 33

I think i pulled a decent amount of hair out of my head on this one. Pretty fun, controls could use some tweaking.


Pretty chill music! I like it.