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Reviews for ""Karma""


i love your style, but in your comments it kinda gave away that the eagle would get sucked into the engine, thats the onl thing i didnt like. but anywhoo, keep them coming!

Great work.

And nice display of meaning of karma. I love the smooth retro-like style animation, but the only thing that bothered me was the Kingdom Hearts battle music. I couldn't help but think about Sora and the gang fighting when I watched this. Regardless, it was a great Flash.

Rediculously smooth animation

I have to say thats some of the smoothest animation i've seen in a while. My 1 and only gripe, work on your music editing a bit ;) But i loved your choice of music!


i agree though, on the whole - this doesn't seem so much karma, but circle of life thing. yep. besides that, super cute. 8)


That weasle is reallly cute really good animation