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Reviews for ""Karma""

very nice!

the animation was really quite good and i liked the end there too, as an addition, however, you may want to think about adding sound effects in addition to the music, but other than that, nice work. I hope to see further animations from you.

Hah, pwned

Dude, you're awesome at flash. You should do more. Hope you do. And I guess I DID see that coming, after reading all those comments :P

Very cute.

I liked it very much; short, to the point and funny. Looks like your animation skills are quite good for your sophmore year, keep it up. I like that you added the little ditty from Kingdom Hearts.


that was some of the best animation i have seen on newgrounds ever. you really took the time to go beyond the stereotypical stickfigure melee kinda thing.

10 stars because you deserve it!


Great stuff. Really nice animation. For those who say this is to short, I disagree. If it was supposed to be longer it would have been. I think the length was just fine.