Reviews for ""Karma""

LOL damn this is NICE!

Haha xD rofl i cant get my self xDDD just trow me aways xDD

Pretty Nice

I liked it and there is really good animation put in to it. Great flash and keep it up :D

Looks good :)

Looks good. Amusing to watch :)
I shalln't ruin it for people who haven't watched it :)

Fabulous Twist!

I loved the twist at the end! I can't think of anything I would change. The style was great, the pace couldn't have been better, and it flowed with the music as if the music had been written for it. Great job!

mantis0702 responds:

Woohoo! Thanks!

Fantastic piece of work

Fantasically well drawn and animated, and a great sense of humour. Keep 'em coming man.