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Reviews for ""Karma""

Looks nice, but...

...I predicted exactly how the movie would end.

But I do enjoy your animation style!

mantis0702 responds:

yep yep. I think the Eagle's dive should be a little shorter. Glad you like the aesthetics at least.


Kingdom hearts music -.-

mantis0702 responds:

Why yes, yes it is.

Where's the Karma?

A hawk needs to eat. the weasel should have gotten ran over and the bug should have been splattered.

nuff said.

Good art, not so good story.

mantis0702 responds:

Yeah well...uh. See, That eagle wasn't gonna eat the weasel he was gonna use it to uh... beat his wife. Yeah thats it. So see, he deserved it.

All round flawless

Wow this is great. Perfect artwork, interesting scene and a surprising ending. I'll have to check your other stuff

ROFLMFAO!!! (Being Sephiroth, I like to laugh)

This Movie was Great!