Reviews for ""Karma""

thats all!?!

blam it this is all i got for a long loading but great film

I love it

When I saw the eagle going down for the kill the first thing I thought to myself was "You know it would be funny if the eagle was hit by a plane." Then BAM. This Flash Delivers.

Karma's a bitch.

Nicely done. The animation was really good for flash, and it had depth to it. Congrats on the front page, man.

Eh, its alright

I have to go with Choas967 on this one its alright the animation and everything was great and i love the style but you should of drugg it out longer it just ended to adruptly. Good, but not front page worthy.

But hey you made it their so who am i to say so.


I agree with most of the previous reviews, it was well animated, if a bit short, and had an interesting style. I thought the music suited it pretty well too.
The only problem I see is with the message. Where is the concept of karma present? It can't be with the eagle because he was hunting to eat, not acting out of malice. The weasel also didn't do anything particularly good to merit survival. The dragonfly also just appeared to be buzzing around randomly.

Also commercial planes don't usually fly that low. Sequel needs that pilot to be 'taken care of'.