Reviews for ""Karma""

I agree with previous poster.

Not exactly Karma, moreso cycle of life with the ever terrible nature-unbalancing human element.

Still awesome.

animated well

This was a well animated flash with a great soundtrack and effects but you have a poor concept of karma and therefore the story suffers. The weasel has to eat the dragonfly and the eagle has to eat the weasel therefore their not doing anything that would bring about bad karma. This should be titled misfortune.

It's Sad

That people don't know the Eagle+Airplane<Weasel.

Nice style

The style of your drawings were impressive, although the storyline was fairly random... Nicely done though.

PRetty nice

I like the drawings and stuff and it's pretty good artwork But why did the eagle have to die i love eagles XD NOOOOOOO Cruel World i'll never soport planes Grrrrr LOL

A little short but pretty nice flash