Reviews for ""Karma""

pretty nice

that was pretty cool, stupid eagle, you try to eat a feret and u get sucked into a plane.i can see your karma relating there. hope u passed class :P

Ok so....

I understand this was done for a class and all, and the animation really isnt bad at all, the music and sound effects... well they were good enough i guess.

How this made it on the front page is beyond me though, i believe i've watched this same movie a million times before, maybe not this exact flash, but still the general story.

Nothing original about it, nothing funny.... and i dont see what the hell this has to do with karma.

I see karma

Yea it was cool and great for flash but cute furry animals running around wont ever be my thang enough to get a 10. Also about the whole not really karma comments I see, I understand the whole circle of life thing but I think the author meant to show that since the weasel did not kill the fly that allowed his karma level to be at the point that when the eagle tried to kill it died.

Had he killed the fly then the eagle would have killed him, I got that sort of karma vibe.

wow :D

that was really cool! I also really liked how you used a Kingdom Hearts song :P It went well with what was going on. I especially liked the end bit, you timed the muic to the lil bug flying perfectly xD I'm also very impressed with your animation and how fluent it was :D


i agree though, on the whole - this doesn't seem so much karma, but circle of life thing. yep. besides that, super cute. 8)