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Reviews for ""Karma""

Nice and funny

It was great, your animation is awesome and I love how someone finally took that old saying and did a video of it. My only problem is that the part when the eagle swoops down has a noticiable change in the song. But it's still a great vid, high five on the vote

Maybe its just my video card

I didn't give a ten for two reasons. One, the eagle appeared a little sketchy on my computer. looked like the animation was a little off. may have just been me though. two, i didn't notice much to do with karma in that. for the eagle to be punished, shouldn't it have done something bad before?


this flash is a good starter pick on somthin smaller than you youll end up with misfortune

Love it

Love the smooth animation but the length was short.

great "story"

the storyline about karma was just great.

when you do the right things good things will cross your path, when you don't do the right things bad things will cross your path.

and everything that karma means was explained in a short great animated flash ^^