Reviews for "Cog Factory"

fun. . .

but very confusing


Talk about a wake up! I think I'll be using this game before math tests from now on. It certainly does test one's ability to think critically and take things two steps ahead. Not very good at it yet, myself, but I can't wait to change that. It's a great suggestion for people in school.


Very good, bit confusing though with all the colours, I always pressed the wrong button!

Ugh, my head...

The idea was nice. Is there a color-blind-friendly version of this? I can't tell the green cogs from the brown ones! Also, both kinds of bomb look the same to me. It would be easier to play with different shaped pieces instead of just different colors. I like the idea, I just think the graphics need work. The spinning animation of the cogs hurt my head also.


This is a fun game