Reviews for "Cog Factory"

That is really cool!

I really like how the game gets more complex with each passing level. You've got more areas to deal with and more colors. Also I didn't realize this at first but you need a specific amount of each color cog to advance to the next level. Really nice!

I guess the only real complaint I've got is that the music isn't quite me, but I can over look that since it suits the game quite well.

Ah, I Like It!

It brings a challenge, puzzle, and a new type of game (or one I have never played before). Well-done!


its pretty fun. Kinda difficult but once you get used to it its a great game. Thanks for using my song!



Hells yeah, nice work


Really fun and entertaining, not to mention challenging. It's nice to see such a unique game that plays so smoothly! Keep up the awesome work!