Reviews for "Cog Factory"

not that bad

not bad if u figure out and play it for awhile

not good

not realy a good concept to the game and not good graphics

Graphics are great

The graphics are great :) I totally like them. The gameplay was ok, nothing that it sucks or anything but it was quite addictive :) I did stopped playing very soon.

Nice idea

This game was alright, for the first minute. It gets old very quick. The idea was nice, the gameplay was not, you tried to make it very involved when estentially it was the Bobble game. Keep the idea but change the gameplay, the reason I didn't give it one was because the graphics and the music were ok.

wasnt too great

i didnt like the fact that all the cogs had to be fired at once.... really defeated the idea of planning. the idea was solid but the game needs a little work. keep at it and i am sure can improve on this game.