Reviews for "Cog Factory"


good game but is was hard...

I must say..

.. That this game is a tad hard, everytime I play it, I get the strangest of combinations and have to switch color nearly all the time. Maybe that's just bad luck though, it's a good try, but it does not really appeal to me.
My points go to the art and style.


It was an ok game, but i got a bit repetitive and did not really make sense to me.

Really Fun!

Aw, my brain hurts! Anyway, I love the game. The gameplay and controls were great! It reminded me of Uno, only more challenging. I'd be thinking I was getting ready to level up, but the I'd fill up my machine. Anyway, a fabulous game.

Decent time killer/puzzle

It was good to kill a bit of time on. I liked the quick pace of the timer, and the challenges of multiple spirals was fun.

I won't play this game much more, but I definitely don't regret taking time to play it right now.